AUGUST 9 – International Day of US Crimes Against Humanity


To raise the voices of the world for life, justice and peace, the Network in Defense of Humanity invites you to the International Day of Repudiation of the Crimes of the United States against Humanity, to be held on August 9, a date that reminds us of the nuclear holocaust over the Japanese city of Nagasaki on that day in 1945. A day that demonstrated to the world the genocidal role and enemy of the human race that the United States can play in the world. We condemn this unacceptable role of such a powerful nation that unilaterally exerts it deadly force on the rest of the world and it is an urgent collective task to do everything possible to end it.

This call is to intellectuals, artists and activists to contribute with their writings, reflections or videos, also works of art in all its varied expression. In this year 2021, we will remember and focus THE U.S. CRIMES AGAINST DEMOCRACY, therefore, the works submitted must be related to this theme.

You can send your writings, links or files by email to: The deadline for all submission is August 2, 2021. Please include name, profession or field of work, with a photo attached for publication. Also your nationality and organization.