July 26, The Day of National Rebellion in Cuba, A Song of Hope

On behalf of the Cuban Chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity and on the occasion of the July 26th celebrations, we ratify our unconditional support for the Revolution and our commitment to continue working for a world of peace and social equality.

In the words of Gilberto López y Rivas: «With the assault on the Moncada Barracks, the era that would give a transcendent turn to the history of our America began with the sowing in fertile soil the seed of the social revolution that would establish the first bastion of socialism in this hemisphere. Sixty-nine years after that clarion call for the liberation of our peoples, what does the assault on the Moncada Barracks teach us? The action of those brave young rebels, led by Fidel Castro, showed that patriotism, love for the cause of the people and revolutionary consequence cannot be demonstrated with just words; decisive action and a frontal attack on the dictatorial State are necessary when all avenues to solve the enormous social, economic and political problems are closed».

There are events that are turning points in the social and political development of a people, which take place at a precise moment, given their necessity and importance. The emancipating gesture of the Cuban people, initiated on July 26, 1953, fulfills these considerations. At dawn, the Centenary Generation led, in the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba and Céspedes Barracks in Bayamo, the action that would open a new stage of combat in the redemptive struggles of the Cuban people against the dictatorship of the oligarchy and imperialism and highlighted the armed action as the main means of struggle.

A new young and revolutionary leadership was emerging, heir to the courage and honesty of our heroes and committed to finding a solution to the pressing problems of the country and eradicating dependence on the United States. They were closely linked to the people, aware of their needs and struggles; they came from the poor and middle strata of Cuban society with a deep pro-independence and anti-imperialist ideology.

They had the teachings of José Martí, intellectual author of the Moncada, who bequeathed his example of action, and even of maximum sacrifice, as a path of struggle, and organizational forms adopted by the 26th of July Movement.

The Moncada demonstrated, as Fidel affirmed, that there is no social and political situation, no matter how complicated it may seem, without a possible way out. Because of the depth of the reflections raised, given that historic event, from its starting point, presence and continuity, the validity of these events as a song of hope, both nationally and internationally, can be deduced.

Today, we celebrate this July 26, Day of National Rebellion in Cuba, with the conviction that its legacy is an essential reference for the next necessary battles to be fought for the good of Our America.

July 26, 2022

Cuban Chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity